"The Moon holds the key to not only expanded exploration of the solar system and beyond, but also to improving life on Earth."

Ronald J. Garan Jr.

CEO of ispace - U.S.

Exploring the Moon to benefit all of humanity

ispace’s APEX 1.0 lander is one of the most capable lunar vehicles available. As the company’s next-generation lander, APEX 1.0 leverages lessons learned from its Series 1 lander and delivers enhanced capabilities. With 300 kg of payload capacity in this first iteration, APEX 1.0 will deliver 10x more payload to the lunar surface than Series 1. ispace plans to progressively increase the APEX series payload capacity to meet evolving customer requirements, eventually reaching 500 kg of capacity.

Height 1.8m

ispace believes the utilization of lunar resources is the catalyst to enabling human permanence and economic opportunity on and around the Moon. The APEX 1.0 lander will move us towards this goal.

Width 4.5m

Height 3.3m

Our U.S. headquarters in Denver, CO serves as the central location for the development of the APEX 1.0 lander, which is being designed, manufactured, and launched in the United States.

With dedicated satellite bays, APEX 1.0 is perfect for delivering relay satellites to support direct-to-Earth communications from the far side of the Moon. This highly capable design also provides APEX 1.0 with the ability to transport orbital, stationary and rover payloads to either the near or far side of the Moon. With advanced structural durability, reliability, and manufacturability, APEX 1.0 is making consistent quality and performance at scale possible.

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    Lander and Mission Overview


    Lifting off in 2026. Launching from the Kennedy Space Center’s historic launchpad 39A on a SpaceX Falcon 9.


    Far side of the Moon. Landing in this geographic region of the Moon is technically challenging, but this effort will help humanity unlock new science and understanding of our solar system.


    Historic collaboration. In partnership with The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, the ispace - U.S.’s APEX 1.0 lander will deliver payloads in support of NASA's CLPS Program.


    Purpose built. The APEX 1.0 lander is one of the most capable lunar vehicles available with the ability to accommodate orbital, stationary, and rover payloads.


    More than capable. With a first mission payload capacity of 300kg, APEX 1.0 has 10x the payload capacity of the ispace Series 1 lander.


    Government and commercial. APEX 1.0 is designed to accommodate numerous commercial and academic payloads to fly with three NASA Artemis science payloads to the lunar surface.

    Join Our Team

    As a U.S. company with a global heritage, our view of mission is bigger than a destination. The collaborative process and shared human experiences on our way to the Moon are just as important as touching down on the lunar surface. Openness, transparency, diversity, and a commitment to excellence define who we are.

    We want our team members to build a career at ispace U.S. Our headquarters in Denver is growing, and now is the time to join this creative and innovative team led by former NASA Astronaut Ron Garan.

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